तथ्य-जांच नीति

We Would like to inform about our “Fact-Checking Policy”.

We check claims and assumptions for all facts and information. Despite our best efforts, we accept the possibilities of uncertainty.

We follow the above guidelines to ensure proper accuracy in our facts and information: We ensure that any information/news posted by us is taken from a reliable source based on solid and verifiable evidence .

We attempt to verify any claim, allegation or information made publicly or by any individual.

We make sure to reach out to all relevant parties. Then we independently verify the information to get the most accurate result.

Verify each information with at least three sources. In case of a single source, the reliability of the source is ensured.

Where material from a social media site or other internet source is being used to verify a fact, additional verification may be necessary. We mention all the sources which are not collected by us.